Daniel Richman

GitHub: danielrichman/habitat


habitat is a system for uploading, processing, storing and displaying telemetry and related information transmitted from high altitude balloons, relying on a network of users with radios sending in received telemetry strings which are parsed into position information (& metadata) and displayed on maps.

It consists of a central CouchDB database, with several surrounding Python daemons that modify documents that listeners have uploaded to the database. The frontend is written in CoffeeScript

The project started in September 2010 in the spare time of a UKHAS member and myself, with its first release a year later. Since then habitat has entirely replaced the back end of the current system, the legacy front-end of which is at spacenear.us.

It's also spawned several sub projects; including genpayload, "stats", and habitat-cpp-connector.

Finally, as part of habitat's development, these two bits of code were refactored out as standalone Python libraries