Daniel Richman

GitHub: danielrichman/alien

ALtitude Imaging Entering Near-space

ALIEN was a High Altitude Ballooning project by me and two other school friends, Simrun Basuita and Alex Breton, undertaken during our GCSEs. Its goal: to take photos of the curvature of the earth, by sending up a camera programmed to take photos, with a GPS + Radio circuit which will report its position, allowing the SD card with photos to be retrieved.

I was in charge of building the payload electronics and programming. This project is also the main reason that I became interested in Amateur Radio and involved in UKHAS (United Kingdom High Altitude Society) projects including dl-fldigi and habitat.

We successfully launched our first flight, ALIEN #1 and we recovered it perfectly after it flew to an altitude of 33.158 KM, on May 2nd 2010.